Nice to meet you.

My name is Iris Yogev. In the past 20 years I am an Organizational consultant, personal and business coach and expert in the fields of leadership development with over  of experience in local and international companies.

Expert in content, development and setting up lectures and workshops, with an emphasis on accompanying and developing the ability and confidence to stand in front of an audience.

Engaged in initiating, developing, managing activities and programs in large scale organizations, with the aim of generating real benefit for employees. In recent years, Iris I have accompanied lecturers and mentors, from Israel and around the world from various fields in the process of content, business and talent development.

In the past, I have managed Alon Ullman's business activities and accompanied hundreds of senior lecturers in development and preparation of lectures, including the Olympic medal winner athlete, Arik Zeevi, among others.

Founder of a lecture agency "Speaxit" – with an innovative Internet platform for the promotion and marketing of lecturers.

Founder and partner in developing an innovative program "Publishers – Stories Worth a Lecture" designed for people who want to tell their story or promote their business.

I took part in the content team and accompanying speakers at "TedXJaffaWomen" in 2018.

For those who have never lectured but are interested in doing so, there are a variety of courses that Iris leads as part of "Publishing" whose purpose is to build a lecture and expose it in front of an audience.

And for those who want to expand their boundaries and dare a little more, I offer the "Surf the Fear" workshop on surfing and empowerment, in my favorite place – the sea.

Feel free to contact me by email or by phone 052-3883600


“My mission is to raise awareness in the world, helping as many people as possible to recognize their story and live confidently with who they are, as they are. Hence accompany them to stand on stage and contribute value to the world.

That's the essence of what I do. Taking people stories who have come a long way, each in their own field, and translates these stories into true value for the audience. Helping them builds a bridge between them and the audience let the audience feels talked about, not just listen to the story.

The moment I connect the lecturer to that story, which I know will touch so many people, is the most exciting moment for me. My mission is to give lecturers the confidence to dare and be who they are, to speak honestly and leave a mark that will remain long after the lecture is over. "